Human Psyker


WS: 40
BS: 38
S: 30
T: 37
A: 44
Int: 45
Per: 41
Will: 52
Fell: 37
Infamy: 43

Wounds: 13
Corruption: 18
Alignment: Tzeentch

Race: Human
Archetype: Psyker
Pride: Devotion
Disgrace: Regret
Motivation: Arcane

Common Lore (Imperial Creed)
Common Lore (Imperium)
Speak Language (Low Gothic)
Trade (Remembrancer)
Forbidden Lore (Psykers)
Stealth (U)
Survival (N)

Weapon Training (Primary)
Weapon Training (SP)
Warp Sense
Light Sleeper
Heightened Senses (Hearing)
Minion of Chaos
Minion of Chaos
Blasphemous Incantations
Lesser Minion of Chaos
Psy Rating (x4)

Stub Rifle (Best Quality)

  • Rng: 120m, RoF: S/-/-, Dmg: 1D10+3 (I), Pen: 1, Clip: 5, Rld: Full, Spc: Accurate, Never Jams
  • Telescopic Sight (Ignore Range Penalties if Full round Aim)

Knife (Common Quality)

  • Dmg: 1D5, Pen: 0, Spc: Primitive (6)

Flak Cloak

  • AP: 3, Covers: Arms, Body, Legs

Mesh Cowl

  • AP: 4, Covers: Head

Psy Focus
Dataslate (Arcane Lore)

Psychic Powers:

  • Thought Sending
    Send Thoughts: 1km/PR
    Focus Check: Simple (+40), Opposed by Willpower
  • Psychic Scream
    Inflicts 1D10+2/PR Damage, Rng: 5m/PR, Shocking and Warp Weapon. -5/PR to resist Shock
    Focus Check: Hard (-20)
  • Mind Probe
    May read opponent’s thoughts. Requires 5 successful uses to get full information. Must be used fettered to remain undetected.
    Rng: 1m/PR
    Focus Test: Challenging (+0) Willpower Opposed by Willpower
  • Mind Link
    May create a telepathic communication grid between WB targets.
    Rng: 1km/PR
    Focus Test: Ordinary (+10) Willpower
  • Delude
    Convinces target that user is to be trusted. Gives +5/PR to all Social Interaction Tests.
    Rng: 1m/PR
    Focus Test: Challenging (+0) Willpower. Opposed by Willpower.
  • Mind over Matter
    Constant Motion: May move 10kg/PR, Rng: 5m/PR
    Focus Check: Routine (+20)
    Rapid Push: May push target 3m+1m/Degree of Success. Rng: 5m/PR
    Focus: Ordinary (+10), Opposed by Strength
    Forceful Throw: May hurl and object 5kg/PR. Dmg: 1D10+1/5kg. Rng: 5m/PR
    Focus: Challenging (+0)
  • Force Bolt
    Inflicts: 1D10+2/PR (I), Pen: 0, Rng: 10m/PR
    Knockback if 4 degrees or more of success.
    Focus: Ordinary (+10)
  • Telekinetic Shield
    Provides (PR) AP to all Locations. Effective against Warp Weapons.
    Rng: Self
    Focus Test: Ordinary (+10)
  • Doombolt
    Psychic Barrage inflicts 1D10+2/PR (X), Pen: 8
    Rng: 20m/PR
    Focus Test (Challenging +0)
  • Precognition
    Add a bonus to all Evasion Tests equal to 2xPR
    Focus Test: Ordinary (+10) Psyniscience
  • Personal Augury
    May make predictions about future events
    Focus Test: Challenging (+0) Psyniscience


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