“It’s not your fault. You never asked to be different.”

In the Imperium, to be different is to be branded heretical, a fact that young Kalayla discovers when her budding Psyker abilities lead her to be cast out, hated and hunted. But the arrival of a Chaos Warband changes her life forever. Now, she sees a new world, a new way of life. Embracing the ways of the Lord of Change, she sets out on an adventure of discovery. Of new worlds, of new vistas of power and damnation. But most importantly, of herself and her destiny.

Elsewhere, in the swirling madness of the Screaming Vortex, another story unfolds. A story of rage, loss, and vengeance. A story of one pushed too far, who finds a new cause, a new god, and a place, among the outcast of the outcasts. As the two stories converge, we explore the fine line between destiny and damnation. The Children of Malice shall march, but what fate lies in store for them?

The Children of Malice

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